Abstracts & presentations

Important information

Selected paper will be published in on-line journal „One Ecosystem“ – http://oneecosystem.pensoft.net/

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Instruction for Abstracts and submission

 To submit an abstract please follow this procedure and refer to the template shown on the next page. The abstracts should be in English and provide a synthesis of your research.

A maximum of 2000 characters (including spaces) is allowed, single-spaced in 12

point type Times New Roman.


We appreciate if you could submit your abstracts by 30th October, and sent as an

email attachment to: sbrat@abv.bg


In the email message, please indicate your preference as below:

– Oral presentation – up to 20 minutes (last 5 minutes for discussion)

– Poster presentation – 80×110 cm


A final decision on the format of presentation (i.e. poster or oral) will be taken by

the Organizing Committee by 30th November  and notifications of the acceptance of

the abstract for either oral or poster presentation sent by email.


Template for Abstract

 Title of the abstract

Author name1, Author name2, the presenter’s name is bolded.

1Authors’s affiliations and full addresses in italic,10-point, centered

presenter’s e-mail address: 10-point type, centered


Abstract (max 2000 characters, including spaces)


Keywords: Keywords 1, Keywords 2, Keywords 3, Keywords 4, Keywords 5


References (example):

Cardinale BJ et al. (2012) Biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity. Nature 486: 59–67.

Hedlund K & Ohrn MS (2000) Tritrophic interactions in a soil community enhance decomposition rates. Oikos 88: 585–591.

Wardle DA (2002) Communities and Ecosystems: Linking the Aboveground and

Belowground Components (Princeton Univ. Press).